Our Privacy Policy

As AtaGlobal Insurance and Reinsurance Broker, to ensure the safety of your personal and corporate information is our primary responsibility

The security of your information is of paramount importance to us in terms of our understanding of working in compliance with the laws related to data protection and data safety. 

AtaGlobal has developed and implemented various measures to ensure comprehensive protection for information and the associated know-how both within and outside the company.

Responsible handling of information by employees plays a key role thus raising collective awareness of security among employees at AtaGlobal and helping them to develop an eye for sensitive information and handle it securely is vital therefore security trainings are continous.

AtaGlobal will act responsibly and with due diligence in handling any data and information about yourself either given by you to us or made available to and collected by us on the occasion of your visit to our Web-Site. 

It should be noted that information provided by you for the purpose of insurance is shared by underwriters, insurers and reinsurers due to the nature of our business.  You should also be advised that any data and information made available to and collected by AtaGlobal on the occasion of your visit to its Web-Site, may be stored, processed or transferred by it for the purpose of:

-  protecting the rights, titles and security of AtaGlobal  of any third parties;

-  complying with legal or regulatory obligations;

-  collecting and/or providing statistical data and information about the Web Page or the visitors or users;

-  sharing news bulletins and financial reports of AtaGlobal.

AtaGlobal is committed to protecting your privacy when dealing with your personal and corporate information